Friday, 10 August 2012

It's been a while...

I've been rather lazy/rubbish with posts this week, so I come bearing gifts...
As the Olympic games is nearly over, this will be the last time I mention it I swear, I thought I would bring together all the funny things I've found whilst working on an advertising campaign for car parks around the games.
Basically, I was doing a PPC advertising campaign for a company which runs car parks. So I got to see what people had searched for when they clicked on the adverts I had written. They were my 'Little Victories' for these past weeks.
These 'Little Victories', made me smile pretty much everyday, and here are some of the best:

I don't really know what happened here, I imagine someone's cat sat on their keyboard, I know J's cats love to do that!!

Train parking? Somebody is bringing their own train?! Madness. 
And car barking. Dam those dog cars!!

 Park and fly?! Somebody doesn't want to bring their car, but their airplane?? No problem!!

 Mewcastle? Like Newcastle, but for cats!!

Infmishon is how I'm spelling information from now on. Definitely the way forward. 

 I didn't see this one at first, it all made sense, until we get to the end... Monkeys?!

 I understand people miss keys sometimes, I understand autocorrect is an idiot. But this isn't even close!!

Olympic should ALWAYS be spelled like that. As for period, maybe not.

Pram parking? Who is leaving their baby OUTSIDE of the Olympics?! 

I'm not sure where this person wants to park. I want to say Uxbridge...?

Seriously, Uxbridge.

I know this post may seem a bit mean, especially to non-native English speakers. But this advertising campaign was aimed solely at U.K. citizens. Oh dear.


  1. Thanks for sharing this, it made me laugh so much! I am not a native English speaker, but even I wouldn't spell the words like that. :D
    Do you still want me to send you one of my little victories? Just give a few more days then! And how do I send you an email?

    1. Silly British people eh?! :P
      A guest post from you would be wonderful, whenever you're ready of course.
      You should be able to send me a message on my Google+ profile on the top right of the page.

    2. I love everything that is British, so I would never say anything against British people in general...but I guess there are a few silly people in every country. ;)
      Unfortunately I don't have a Google+ account, so I am not able to send you a message there... Is there any other way?

    3. Most definitely!
      Ah yes of course, feeling very isolated on Google+ at the minute! There's barely anybody on there!
      You can email me at