Tuesday, 21 August 2012

The Great Wall

Today, my 'Little Victory' comes courtesy of J. Bless her.
She's very particular when it comes to food, and, in her own words: "doesn't like bean juice touched her other stuffs".
So, I walked into the kitchen and saw her method of separation:

It made me laugh, anyway.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Caturday and SUNday

Well then, yesterday was Caturday, so let's start there...
Honey, the cat, is ever so pretty, but has a small issue with eating. Being that, she doesn't stop!! So, in a photo which completely sums her up, in all her gorgeous glory, but the location?

Her special cushion, on top of the FREEZER!!
Harley, bless him, he doesn't often stay still long enough to have his photo taken. But as the weather is so unbearably hot at the minute, (more on that later) I managed to get him!

Such a handsome boy! 

I mentioned how disgustingly hot it is at the minute, I really can't stand it. But, it does give me an excuse for my 'Little Victory' today. It's the only weather you can get away with having a meal consist 90% of meat! What could be better ;)

Considering there was only two of us, we had plenty of sausages!!

Friday, 17 August 2012

I'm a bad blogger...

A very bad blogger indeed! I haven't posted in far too long, and if anyone cares I apologize for that. I'm a busy man ;)

Anyway, let's start listing some 'Little Victories' you've missed while I've been away!!

Last Sunday, after a long time of my computer running very slowly, it suddenly dawned on me why... My computer claimed it had 2GB of memory. I definitely didn't buy a computer with 2GB of memory.
But a couple of weeks before that, I had taken my computer to pieces to fix my fan, and being the genius that I am.. Well, I'm sure this picture will explain...

Excuse me, I think your RAM is hanging out...

Last Saturday, I posted a birthday gift to a very good friend of mine and J's, and on Monday morning I read the happiest and most love filled FB post I have ever read. That's the reason you give presents, to make other people feel that joy. And that way, you get your own 'Little Victory' too!! ;)

Anyway, it's Caturday tomorrow, so win!!

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Our very first Guest post!

Well, I know it's Caturday, but this week I'm not at J's house, and I decided it was time for a change of pace.
It's a guest post!! Da-da!!
Our first guest post comes from my very first follower and comment-er, Kleo!!
And here it is:

Hi everyone, I am a 20 year old girl from Germany and I really enjoy reading this blog. So I would like to tell you one of my little victories. It really is a “little” victory, but it made me smile very much, so I’d like to share it. Here it is: A few days ago I was sitting at a bench with a friend, when I saw a little boy, maybe four or five years old, and his mum walking there in the park. The boy saw some flowers at the wayside, he seemed to be very excited about them and said to his mum that they were beautiful. He started to pick some of them. But a few seconds later his mum wanted him to continue walking. He looked at me and I smiled at him. He then ran towards me, gave me the flowers and an unbelievably sweet smile and said: “You are very pretty”.  Afterwards he walked away with his mum. I smiled throughout the whole day, because this little boy was so cute and he decided to give me the flowers that he thought to be so beautiful, although I was a total stranger to him. I also think that children are very honest with everything they say, so I always feel particularly happy about compliments from a child.

Besides, in my opinion, the saying “The shortest distance between two people is a smile” is absolutely true! Sometimes, I smile at every person I meet, some of them smile back and some people even seem to be very happy about a little smile given to them. So whenever someone smiles back and is happy, just because of my smile, that is one of my little victories, too.

Ultimately, I want to say that life may often be hard and unfair, but after all, it is short and it is wonderful and valuable. So try to enjoy every moment and concentrate especially on the” little victories” and the small good things that happen around you, because they are so important in life! 

There we have it, I think you'll all agree, a fantastic 'Little Victory', and a great first guest post! Hopefully, you liked it as much as I did. Maybe next time, it'll be your turn! I love hearing about 'Little Victories' so get in touch!!

Friday, 10 August 2012

It's been a while...

I've been rather lazy/rubbish with posts this week, so I come bearing gifts...
As the Olympic games is nearly over, this will be the last time I mention it I swear, I thought I would bring together all the funny things I've found whilst working on an advertising campaign for car parks around the games.
Basically, I was doing a PPC advertising campaign for a company which runs car parks. So I got to see what people had searched for when they clicked on the adverts I had written. They were my 'Little Victories' for these past weeks.
These 'Little Victories', made me smile pretty much everyday, and here are some of the best:

I don't really know what happened here, I imagine someone's cat sat on their keyboard, I know J's cats love to do that!!

Train parking? Somebody is bringing their own train?! Madness. 
And car barking. Dam those dog cars!!

 Park and fly?! Somebody doesn't want to bring their car, but their airplane?? No problem!!

 Mewcastle? Like Newcastle, but for cats!!

Infmishon is how I'm spelling information from now on. Definitely the way forward. 

 I didn't see this one at first, it all made sense, until we get to the end... Monkeys?!

 I understand people miss keys sometimes, I understand autocorrect is an idiot. But this isn't even close!!

Olympic should ALWAYS be spelled like that. As for period, maybe not.

Pram parking? Who is leaving their baby OUTSIDE of the Olympics?! 

I'm not sure where this person wants to park. I want to say Uxbridge...?

Seriously, Uxbridge.

I know this post may seem a bit mean, especially to non-native English speakers. But this advertising campaign was aimed solely at U.K. citizens. Oh dear.